Smart thinking. Fresh insights. Vertical expertise.

We are a savvy mix of Industry veterans and new-age talent, we’re a leading full-service marketing agency committed to one thing - helping you win and retain the most profitable prospects and customers. We do it better than anyone else.

You get 

When you choose to partner with Energy you get, optimism, creativity, honesty, realism, doablity, commitment, buy in to your business challenges and plans. You get practical people on your team, Commitment through to the results, Supremacy of Ideas, Insight into the key issues that affect your business, Foresight and perspective, Essential Advantage!

We're about opportunities

New Opportunities are all around us, we just have to see them. There are opportunities to be better, more innovative, smarter, bigger, newer – to grow your business and profitability. We think that that not enough people are finding their new opportunities. To grow your business, you need new opportunities - opportunities need Energy

We are courageous and optimistic about new opportunities, and realistic about what can be delivered. When you partner with Energy, we are optimistic for your business, searching out new opportunities and crafting plans for delivery. We are honest , clear and to the point. We keep you to the point We are Capable, Creative, Innovative and diligent. We are your partner.

Trust is important 

Central to the Energy ethos is the idea of Trust. Energy ask you for the responsibility of taking on your marketing goals; in return you get people that you can rely on – people you can trust. At Energy, Trust is in our DNA. When you appoint a Marketing Agency do you ask yourself; Are they the kind of people who will ... take pride in every aspect of their work? Are they driven to achieving the highest standards in the industry instinctively? Do they operate with total transparency? Will they do whatever it takes to deliver on time, on target? At Energy, we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We do New

New opportunities, new ideas, new ways of doing things, new sponsorships, new deals, new ways to integrate campaigns, new ways to deliver, new ways to leverage, New comeptitive advantages for your business, Essential Advantage.

We're Creative

We take a wholistic approach to idea generation. Everyone involved on a project is free to think and act in a way that produces the most creative results. In doing this we must always measure our ideas against all five of our creative benchmarks

Be Fearless: Challenge convention, Take educated risks, Push boundaries, Feel uncomfortable

Think and Act Strategically: Be brand led, Leverage natural brand assets and strengths, Make the most of unique, ownable, consumer and brand insights, Exploit the best possible means of reaching the consumer, Advance the brand’s cause relentlessly, Create unfair advantage

Be Genuinely Creative: Be brand and consumer relevant, Be surprising, provocative, unexpected and exciting, Get talked about, Make us proud

Solve Real Problems: Solve the real issue, Exceed the objectives and expectations of the brief, Make a real and measurable difference, Make it a unique solution the client can own. Create real value

Strive to Innovate: Be Opportunistic, Be a pioneer, Disrupt the competition, Do what’s never been done before, Set new standards